Alric Orthaganus

Apostate of Slaanesh. He is the talky guy and skill/lore bitch. Also I can fly Aeronautica ships.


Pride:(Devotion -5 S, 5 WP)
Disgrace:(Dread -5 WP, +5 Per)
Motivation:(Perfection +5 WP, -3 WS, -3 BS)
Archetype:(Apostate +5 Fel)
WS:22 BS:22 S:20 T:35 Ag:40 Int:40 Per:50 WP:50 Fel:50 Inf:19
Wounds:9+1d5 Armor:FILL IN Weapon:FILL IN Mov:4/8/12/24
Charm +10
Common Lore
—>Screaming Vortex
—>Imperial Creed
—>Imperial Guard
Forbidden Lore
—>The Inquisition
Inquiry +10
—>Low Gothic
—>High Gothic
Scholastic Lore
—>Imperial Warrents
—>Tactica Imperialis

Talents + Traits:
Air of Authority
Peer(Rogue Trader)
Total Recall
Unshakable Will
Weapon Training(Las, Primary)
Radiant Presence
Serpent’s Tongue
The Quick and The Dead


In the beginning I was a promising young lad with a bright mind and a heart that cared. I could have gone into politics and governed the people, but I wanted to free them. Free them from the oppression of the Xenos and Heretics. So I joined the Imperial Navy, like any good citizen would do, to take an active roll in protecting the people. My creative mind led me to become a Commissar and learn of the horrors that lurk beyond the reach of the Imperium. I learned of truths they would hide from the people. Truths that would give the people power over their lives. I came to free the people not enslave them, so I finished my tour and found an out with the Ecclesiarchy. The Navy would not have given up my tactical genius unless I could get the faith of the Emperor spits on the floor to back it.

I believed that Ecclesiarchy, full of faith and devotion, would lead me to where I could truly do good for the people. I started out spreading the word of the Emperor spits on the floor again to those in need. I cook food for the hungry, built shelter for the homeless, brought fire to the cold, and stood as beacon of light to those lost in darkness. As my influence grew so did my ability to serve the people of the Imperium. While I was there I studied many of the legends of old and the heraldry of noble families. I found more terrible truths. Truths they would hide from you, to keep under their greed and gluttony. It made me sick to learn how those in posistions to protect you were feeding off you. And when I tried to confront them of this heresy, I found only golden palaces and feast of food for one. They were already corrupt. I had to get out and find somewhere I could truly help the people. Somewhere I could root out the heretics. I set my eyes on the Inquisition.

My claims while apart of the Ecclesiarchy did not go unnoticed an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus investigated my claims and brought the swift justice of the Imperium upon them, her name was Victoria. She then took me in as her Acolyte. I spent the next few years with her culling the galaxy of heretics and xenos alike. I was on my way to becoming an Inquisitor myself learning their ways and secrets… no truths, more truths that are kept from the people. Truths that the people should know. I could bring them the truths when I became an inquisitor, when I finished my training. I was growing fond of my teacher. Many long missions together staying in close quaters for days in stack outs. We would spend nights doing interrogations and searching through both new and old tomes. I believe I loved her until the day I found her dealing with a heretic. I was crushed, the one person I thought who would help me protect the people BETRAYED me! I was forced to kill her. I wanted to weep for her, but I had to be strong. I had to carry on for the people who now trusted me and depended on me. I took up her Inquisitorial Seal and set off to do what needs to be done.

Everything I have done has been for you. All that I have learned and sacrificed for you! Now I bring YOU these truths, these powerful truths to set YOU free. To protect YOU from the heretics of the Imperium! Now it is time for YOU to do your part and to me in my quest to cleanse the Imperium of the heretics and all those who would oppress you from their own greed! Come with me and I shall show you a place where you can be free. Free from your oppressors and free to for fill your every desire.

Alric leads a group of about 50 people out of a small room of a much larger build in an even larger city to hidden clearing with a small but large enough ship and loads everyone on.
“You getting more and more people with every visit Mr Magnus.” said Tac Alric’s body guard.
“Yes, well I am on a time table and the Inquisition is getting closer to finding us every day.” Alric looked directly in Tac’s eyes. “You wouldn’t know anything about that would you?”
Tac look frightened by Alric at first but shook it off. “Nope. I have been trying to keep them off us, but they are persistent bastards.”
“Quite persistent. You are the fifth guard I have had to hire. Load up the rest of the food and meet me inside the cockpit.”
“Yes, Sir.” Tac replied.

In the Tac entered the cockpit Alric was waiting for him. “Could you lock the door behind you. Wouldn’t want anyone sneaking in on us now.” Alric said. As Tac turned to key in the lock code a sharp jolt of pain pierced his neck and then faded away. He couldn’t move as Alric lowered him to the ground. “I don’t like being betrayed you know. I know how to fly this thing and I sure as hell know when someone is broadcasting to Inquisition ships. I was apart of that organization for a long time. I am well aware of their tactics and broadcasting frequencies. I also know that your brother Tik is working with them as tech-security and he is worried about you. He is also not very good fights. But enough about what I know, and more about what you don’t. What you don’t know is that I have targeting us as having valuable cargo and the crew is of noble blood. You also don’t know of a not so small pirate warband in this sector looking for us in the wrong spot, which just so happens to be the same spot I had been altering you calls to say. I filter every piece of information that comes in and out of this ship. I am helping these people why can’t anyone see that. Slaanesh will treat them much better than your Imperium ever could.” Tac had terror in his eyes and tried to say something but couldn’t. Whether it was the paralytic poison or something worse Alric was doing to him, one may never truly know.

A few weeks later Alric had another speech to give to a new group of people. He could get them to join his cause in a single meeting if he wanted, but that required more research and a smaller audience. He was charged with gaining as many followers as possible not a few loyal devotees. This meeting would only have about 23 people attending. Not as many as he would like, but a reasonable amount due to the small size of this city. It would be held in a classroom sized house with nothing but a podium for him to speak and chairs for them to sit and listen. There was a bathroom in the back to his right which had a small escape path if he so needed it.

The room filled with the refugees of the local area and they took their seats. As Alric looked upon their faces he did not see the sadness and hope they usually held. What he did see was hard trained eyes. Eyes that were trained not to give hints of emotion or truths, but in doing so they betrayed a simple yet subtle truth. They were not his audience. He didn’t know who they were and he didn’t care to find out.

“If you would all excuse me I need to use the bathroom before we begin.” said Alric
“That won’t be necessary Mr. Magnus.” came a voice from the back of the room, a woman’s voice. Alric knew that voice, but couldn’t quite place where he knew it from. If could be from some pirates that tracked him down, or a few of his Rogue Trader connections could have sent her. Both unlikely, pirates are not that proper and he would never remember a random employee of a Rogue Trader. If he was going to get out of this alive, he needed to know who he was up against.
“Ah, you have heard of me. Not many spread the name of a humble herald of He of sits upon the throne so high.” he said with a smile and a slight bow.
“I have been tracking you for a long time now, and you have cost me many good men. But now I have found you. I, unfortunately, do not have the pleasure of killing you… as slowly as I can.” The woman stands up and starts to walk to the front. A sudden chill of fear shoots up Alric’s spine as he remembers who she is.

She is one of the best the Inquisitors have to offer when it comes to tracking down traitors. She was partners with his old teacher, Victoria, many years ago. And they were more than just friends, they were lovers. She could have never loved her like he could have. Never treated her like he would have. She was there on the day he was caught dealing with heretics. The day he framed and killed his precious Victoria. He could have convinced her that what he was doing was for the best, but She poisoned her ears and turned her against him. He was forced to kill her to cleanse her from the corruption of HER! This filth, this blasphemous pig, this devotee of the corpse-god, Euphrati.

As she walked closer all of the others in the room stood and Alric could clearly see they had Operative pistols and small insignias visible on their weapons. His only chance of getting out of her was his escape route through the bathroom. A few more meters and would be out of here. Alric jolted forward with amazing speed and slammed face first into the door. A single tranq dart fired from Euphrati’s pistol landed right in his neck. She had always been faster than him. He lifted one hand half way up to his neck before he lost control of his limbs and slid to the floor. His mind was slowing down and was becoming disoriented. He could only half see her face as his head was pressed against the floor. "Thith wath thun… " were the last few words he spoke before being overcome by the poison.

Alric Orthaganus

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