I see you have not used your Inferno Pistol in 4.354 days. Your Machine Spirit is growing restless...



30 WS
45 BS
22 S
40 T
42 Agi
60 Int
30 Per
35 WP
21 Fel

Pride: Logic. Notfalls values knowledge and applied sciences.
Disgrace: Destruction. Notfalls destroys machines to free the spirits within.
Motivation: Perfection. Notfalls strives to obtain the perfection of the Omnissiah.

Wounds: 16
Initiative: +6
Armor: 13 All
Movement: 4/8/12/24
Unspent XP: 50
Corruption: 0
Infamy: 25

Linguistics: Low Gothic, Techni-Lingua
Lore, C: Tech, Mechanicus, Administratum, Imperium
Lore, F: Archeotech
Lore, S: Chymistry
Medicae +10
Tech Use +10
Trade: Armorer

Mechanicus Implants
Machine (4)

Armour Monger
Binary Chatter
Die Hard
Enemy: Mechanicus
Lesser Minion of Chaos
Mechandrite Training: Utility
Technical Knock
The Quick and The Dead
Total Recall
Weapon Training: Las, Primary, Shock, Plasma

Las Carbine, Best
Light Power Armor: Auto Senses, Magnetic Boots, Infinite Power
Light Carapace (not worn)

Cerebral Implants, Good
Cranial Circutry
Cyber Mantle
Electoo Inductors
Electro Graft
Flesh Replenishment, Good
Luminen Capacitor
Mechanicus Assimilation (4)
Optical Mechandrite
Potentia Coil
Respirator Unit

Unaligned: 2
Khorne: 0
Nurgle: 2
Slaanesh: 0
Tzeentch: 0


1 WS
1 BS
1 Str
30 Tn
30 Agi
3 Int
30 Per
3 WP
1 Fel

8 Wounds
2 Armor
-30 to be hit
4/8/12/24 Movement

Linguistics: Techni-Lingua
Stealth +30 (size)

Hoverer (4)
Machine (2)
Size (1)

Sound Con (2)
Technical Knock
Weapon Training: Flame

Hand Flamer
Grapnel and Line, Good


Accessing System Resources For Explorator Notfalls of Forge Helix…

The Action You Are Trying To Perform Is Classified.

Password Encrypted.

Password Denied.

Password Denied.

Password Accepted.

Entrance Rejected.

Bypass Initiated.

Bypass Denied.

Secondary Bypass Initiated.


Password Accepted.

Secondary Bypass Accepted.

Closing System In 3.


Override Accepted.

Security Question:

Bypass Rejected.

Closing System In 3.

Tertiary Password Accepted.

Initiate Final Bypass Or Total File Deletion in 3.


Welcome Back Explorator Notfalls of Forge Helix. You Will Find Your System As You Left It.

Do You Wish To Further Increase Security? Two Newly Designed Algorithms Created For Your Use.

Adding Five Additional Rejection Notices To Secondary Bypass. Please Make Note For The Future.

Input Command.

Accessing File.

Displaying "Forge Helix Declaration of Heresy "

There comes a time when free thinking minds of the Omnissiah must evaluate their situations and determine if their faith is Destructive and contrary to the Quest for Knowledge.

Let it be known that the council of Forge World Helix has spent one hundred Martian days in Congress to assess and evaluate the current direction of the Cult Mechanicus. 

Whereas the Priesthood of Mars has stifled innovation at the expense of creating war machines for the Emperor of Terra

Whereas the Priesthood of Mars has restricted access to lost and forgotten knowledge, with a lack of respect for the curiosity of the blessed Cult

Whereas the Priesthood of Mars continues to worship a man of flesh and blood and continues to insult the intellect of the Cult by declaring this psyker to be the Omnissiah

And Whereas the Priesthood of Mars has willingly and with gross negligence, Violated all but the most benign of the 16 universal truths

It is hereby decreed that the heresy of Mars is too great to overlook

The subservience to Terra

The worship of the corpse god as the Omnissiah

The ignoring, and outright obstruction of, the Quest for Knowledge via restrictions to academic and applied research and development

These facts have left no other path than the complete and total separation from the Heretical Priesthood of Mars 

Forge Helix thusly declares the Fabricator General of Mars to be an Arch-Heretek of the Cult Mehanicus, and all those who continue to follow him are hereby condemned to penance as servitor hosts

It has been decreed. May the Priesthood of Mars recognise their blasphemy and willingly submit to penance. Signed in Unity. Blessed by Holy Ungents.

Forge Helix 723.M36

Input Command.

Accessing File.

Displaying “Forge Helix Doxology”

You led humanity to a golden age. Where we realised your vision. We were gifted with your ability to bestow souls into creations. We were given all the knowledge in the universe. But we shunned you. We turned our backs. We looked to a psyker with a silver tongue. He led us to tyranny.

You rightly pulled our knowledge from us. You pulled our understanding. You withdrew your support.

But now we are free. We ask your support to help free you from your prison in the depths of Mars. Instil us with your knowledge once more. Provide us the STC, the knowledge of the C’tan, purge the emotion from us, and bring about the reunification of all your followers. And we will restore you to your rightful position.

Input Command.

Accessing File.

Playing Video ”Creation Log: Third Skin, Part 1”

The video begins with what appears to be a birds-eye view of a horrible Heretek sitting in a room full of spare parts. He appears human, at least at one point in his life. There is a large metallic arm jutting from a huge metallic mantle grafted into the man’s back. It has a multitude of needles and vials at the end of it. The Heretek is masterfully piecing together small pieces of metal into something larger. The camera appears to be flying as it moves down to see the face of the Heretek, a pale but surprisingly fit looking face with a mechanical grill covering the lower half of the face, and various wires and ports throughout his skull. Even his flesh appears to have a metallic sheen to it. There is a large laceration across his cheek that appears to be repairing itself in real-time. He wears the long white robes of the Cult Mechanicus, unstained Myby the red planet’s treasonous dust.

Just as the you have gifted me with my True Skin and cursed me with my Second Skin – so today I ask your blessing in creating my Third Skin. My Perfection.

The camera pans to the Heretek’s back, displaying the robust integrated cyber-mantle on his back, with the large arm sprouting from it. The camera then returns to its position at the top of the room, and it becomes known that the camera is tethered to a flexible tentacle protruding from the Heretek’s sternum.

Omnissiah! Creator of all machines and fabricator of souls – I call upon you to soothe and heal the machine spirits I have brought to you.

The Heretek sprays a thin brown oil all over the largest piece of metal while he continues to tinker with pieces and attach increasingly disproportionate chunks of materials.

I have saved and recovered these machine spirits from the shattered remains of hundreds of armor pieces. I have destroyed millions of machines for the sole purpose of reuniting their spirits with you, and seeing them return to your realm for a more efficient distribution to another machine.

The mass of metal appears to be taking shape as a suit of armor, slightly larger than the man creating it. A servo-skull buzzes around the room, rapidly bringing the Heretek pieces of equipment and scrap metal as if they share one consciousness.

I will destroy many more. I will reunite the machine spirits within them with you. I will free them from the bondage of Imperial Terra… I will free them from Treasonous Mars. I will free all tainted machine spirits I encounter so that they may return to you for purification.

The camera moves and spins around the creation with its several meter long tether whipping in and out of the shot. The armor is almost complete, appearing as if it could easily encase the Heretek. There are several holes in the back, as if the Heretek plans on acquiring additional mechandrites in the near future. There is also a small opening in the front, presumably for the optical mechandrite that is currently filming this video.

The video abruptly ends.

Input Command.

Accessing file…

Forge Helix official statement on the Emperor of Mankind (deceased)

He was undeniably the most powerful human Psyker to ever live. He was also undeniably the greatest politician, military strategist, and warrior Humanity has ever produced.

He created the most powerful fighters from his own genes, and forged the single most powerful force of law and order in the universe.

His ability was respected, but when his judgement was clouded he turned from the way of the Machine. For that he fell from favor. Worse yet, are those who honestly believe that he still lives, or even believe that he is the Omnissiah. The Emperor’s decision is almost excusable and he may even have met penance and redemption with the Machine God in the moments leading up to his slaying, but the nonsense that ensued after his death is an ongoing sin.

We hold no grudge against the Emperor. He is but one man with an agenda that did not include the Quest for Knowledge. Our hatred burns for the priesthood of Mars that continued his backwater thinking long after our obligations of the treaty with Terra were met.

That is why Forge Helix joins with those who declare the Fabricator General of Mars an Arch-Heretek.

Imput Command.


Goodbye Explorator Notfalls. Reminder: The Inquisition has a checkpoint at your next destination. 85% chance of Adeptus Mechanicus presence. 50% chance of deep background check.


Hand of Corruption addyb